Dandux Modular Stacking Totes

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Dandux Modular Dividable tote boxes are the largest selection available.  Positive corner stacking lugs are what separates our Dandux Totes from others on the market.

Choose from over 100 sizes for the one that best meets your needs.  These durable boxes are sturdy providing easy handling and transport of many products.  Well-known thoughout industry and business as a top choice for sorting and stoage.  The internal grooves allow these boxes to be divided for sorting products with only 1 box, saving you shelf space! 

Divider spacing is standard on all Dandux Modular Totes at 1.25" in both directions which provides nominal compartment sizing in 1" interments.   Need assistance in laying out the optimum spacing for your application - CONTACT US - we're here to help.

Tote boxes are also available in  nesting options


Dandux Modular Stacking Totes Dimensional Specs

Dandux Dividable Shelf Boxes


 Dandux Dividable Shelf Boxes are ideal for storage of multiple parts.  Modular in design, these units easily divide into multiple compartments for storage of product.  Designed in multiple depths, lengths and widths to optimize shelf space


Dandux Nesting Tote Boxes

 Dandux Nesting totes provide an efficient means for carrying an assortment of items.  Perfect for any office or warehouse,  Dandux nesting totes provide a sturdy storage to keep your operations organized and efficient.  The nesting capabilities of the boxes save you shelf Choose from over 100 sizes and shapes to meet your needs!   


Dandux Stack & Nest Totes Boxes

 Dandux Stack and Nest Totes are available in an extensive selection of sizes.  The 180-degree stacking feature allows for stacking when in use or nesting when stored.