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Replacement Liners


Spring Lifts


Clean Caps


Sanitary Liners


Replacement Casters




Replacement Liners


​Economical and easy to install!  These replacement liners feature rust-proof grommets and a reinforced hem.  Standard white canvas or yellow Glosstex.  Additional colors are available (red, green, blue, gray, white). ​

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Clean Caps


Clean Cap
400087, 400087V

​Protect your product and your Dandux Extra Duty Truck or Basket from dust and dirt while in transit or storage with a Dandux Sanitary Cap.  Available in traditional white nylon fabric or our NEW Gray Vinyl option!  The Vinyl provides better moisture and dust protection than the nylon.  Both use a strong elastic band to keep cover in place and allow easy removal.  Available in 6-20 Bushel sizes


Sanitary Liners

Removable and durable white nylon liners with an elastic cord sewn into the hem.  Each liner is easy to clean and makes it ideal for your most dirty jobs.  Available with or without a flap cover in 6-20 bushel sizes.


Replacement Springs & Covers


Replacement Springs


Dandux Replacement Lift Springs come complete with cover and S hooks installed.  Spring is the same specification as the original.  Build to extend 30" ( full depth of a 20 bu truck ) and return to it's original dimensions without permenent deformation.

When replacing springs simply spread S hook to remove old spring, hook s hook and crimp tight with pliers.  Take caution to crimp S hooks on lift so that springs do not come loose during use.  Loose springs can contract rapidly causing injury.

​Replacement Spring Covers

400898-C 400898-CS

Dandux Replacement  Springs Covers (-C )are available in either standard oem spec fabric or from synthetic material ( -CS ) to resist moisture / mold and mildew to replace worn or dirty covers.    Both versions are of  the proper length to cover a fully extended spring. ( 30" )

When replacing covers simply cut away the old cover and slide new cover over spring and S hooks.  Original covers are riveted in place for appearance.  Replacements need not be riveted  


Platform Lifts

 Dandux Platform Lifts are the efficient means to keep material in a fabric basket or truck moving toward the top as the product is removed.  They're ergonomically sound and help eliminate the need for operators to bend over and lean into baskets or truck when unloading materials. Dandux offers two basic lift constructions:

Plywood Platform-  Exterior grade/overlayed plywood ideal when loads are heavy, uneven, or oddly shaped.  Overlay assures a smoth and splinter-free top surface.
Glosstex Platform- High tensile spring steel, electrowelded and covered with easy clean glosstex fabric.

As an option on new units or as an addition to units already in service, these quality Dandux Platform Lifts can be installed or retrofitted simply and easily.  Attach the supplied s-hooks over the top rim of the truck and the platform lift is ready for use.

Dandux Platform Lifts are available in sizes to fit all popular fabric baskets and trucks from 6 through 24 bushel; units come standard with four fabric covered rust-resistant steel springs.  Additional springs or shock cord assemblies are available for heavy load or specility applications.  Lifts are also available to fit the diverse line of Dandux poly trucks, or we can fabricate a lift to fit your spefic needs and dimensions.