For over 98 years, C.R.Daniels Inc., a diversified manufacturer with expertise in textile, plastic and metal fabrication, has provided our customers with quality products to meet their needs.  Our products range from simple tote bags and ayre-flow belting pads, to high-tech energy absorption seats for the Blackhawk Helicopter.  Our Dandux® brand material handling products include our canvas baskets, hampers and trucks, vacuum formed tote boxes and rotationally molded bulk storage tubs and trucks.  

​ With over 400 types and sizes of standard Dandux material handling containers, trucks, and belts, we can satisfy most of your material handling requirements quickly---often the very next day!  For custom requirements, C.R. Daniels has an experienced in-house engineering staff plus in-house metal working, mold making and fabric sewing capabilities, adding the benefit of complete design and manufacturing of your custom product under one roof; ensuring the highest quality in all stages of production.  ​ Our engineering, development, and production knowledge allows us to combine multiple disciplines and utilize the best properties of textile, plastics and metal into a unified product.


Services also include sourcing, warehousing and distribution of numerous consumer, commercial and industrial proprietary product line. 

C.R. Daniels, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and provides fabricated and assembled products to the Aerospace Industry under  AS9100:2016 / AS9100D Certification.​​​


Alberton, Maryland ( circa 1860 )

1088's lithograph of Alberton Maryland, whose name was later changed to Daniels.

The town of Alberton was later renamed to Daniels Maryland when the C.R.Daniels Company acquired the mill, houses and surrounding property.


In 1920, C.R. Daniels, Inc. consisted of a small sail loft in New York City.  Three Trumpbour brothers; James, Frederick, and Edward, who were just out of their teens, purchased the business.  Frederick Trumpbour managed​ the business and was president until his death in 1953. James worked in sales and  Edward, who joined the company in 1925 worked in sales until  his death in 1963.  The second generation was represented by Frederick, Jr. and Edward, Jr.   Edward, Jr. worked in the New York sales office until his retirement in 1987, and Frederick, Jr. served in the purchasing department until his retirement in 1990.  The Trumpbour family continues to own the controlling stock in the corporation.  

While C.R. Daniels formerly concentrated on fabric products for shipping - steamship, truck, and rail -  it was later diversified in products and industries served, making it necessary to move to a six-story building on Crosby Street in New York City.  After weathering the depression, C.R. Daniels continued to expand in 1937 with a plant in Newark, New Jersey.  

In 1940,  C.R. Daniels purchased a mill in Alberton, Maryland ( Pictured above in an 1800's lithograph ).  The company later renamed the town Daniels.  During the 1950's and '60's, the Daniels plant was enlarged 100% in order to manufacture additional products.  It was the main office and manufacturing plant until Hurricane Agnes and the flood of 1972.  

Presently, C.R. Daniels operates two major plants, one in Rutledge, Tennessee, and the other in Ellicott City, Maryland.  The Rutledge, Tennessee plant opened in 1961 and​ has been expanded several times to its present 100,000+ sq. ft. of manufacturing and warehouse space.  The plant in Ellicott City was built to specification in 1976, and houses our administrative and sales offices, as well as 160,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and warehouse space.  

Consistent growth has defined the past thirty years for C.R. Daniels as processes and markets continue to grow.  In addition to our sewing and fabric capabilities, we have grown and continue to expand in plastic molding.  Today, the company's products range from Wild Duck Handbags and Totes to high-tech Energy Absorption Troop seats for the Blackhawk Helicopter; and from canvas baskets, hampers, and trucks to large rotationally molded bulk units.  

Our diversified manufacturing capabilities and our commitment to continuous improvement allow us to combine our expertise across many product lines from textiles and fabric items to metal working and plastic forming, offering a unified product approach to a diverse customer base.​


Daniels Quality

 C.R. Daniels has earned the distinction of being known in the material handling industry as the manufacturer of quality products.  Before our trade name, Dandux, is put on a product, it is inspected to ensure that you are receiving the finest on the market.  Durability, cost effectiveness, and quality are inherent when a product bears the Dandux label.  

For over 98 years, industrial and institutional customers across the country have looked to Dandux for the most widely used material handling containers.  We have complete lines of fabric hand trucks, polyethylene trucks, and containers.  Only the best materials available are used to construct Dandux products; nothing less would even be considered.  If you have custom requirements, we have both the engineers to develop your needs and the capabilities to manufacture them.  

​​Throughout the nation, C.R. Daniels has Territory Managers who are backed by years of experience in the material handling industry.  These factory trained experts are invaluable when choosing the Dandux product to best fit your material handling requirement.  Contact them and let them work for you!

C.R. Daniels, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

C.R.Daniels, Inc provides fabricated and assembled products to the Aerospace industry under AS9100:2016 / AS9100D Certification​​. 


Division Overview

Contract / OEM Manufacturing


 C.R.Daniels Inc can take your designs, ideas and dreams and assist in turning them into quality products.  Small quantities or constant production; we can help ! 

DANDUX Industrial Products


 At C.R.Daniels Inc, we take immense pride in our flagship DANDUX brand products that have proven over many years their quality and durabilit 

Fabrics & Artist Canvas


Fabrics for every need from heavy weight Industrial Cotton Duck to lightweight linen

ReadyVote Election Products


 C.R.Daniels Inc ReadyVote line of election carts help you "Serve Democracy thru Inovation".  From voting booths to large Precient carts, we're here to help you  



 Conveyor Belting and Ayreflow Pads for every application, every need, every use.  We maintain one of the largest stock inventories of conveyor belting for immediate fabrication to your specification. 

Dandux Outdoors


 Dandux ​Outdoors line combines design, functionality, and durability to perform time after time in even your toughest jobs! Found in a variety settings-  farms nurseries, and parks to neighborhoods and homes 


Join the C. R. Daniels Team


C.R. Daniels, Inc., a diverse manufacturer of sewn, plastic, metal and fabric products, has been a Maryland based company for over 95 years.  Headquartered in Ellicott City, C.R. Daniels, Inc. is an established contract manufacturer for major industrial and government accounts.  Products range from simple sewn items to patented energy absorption seats for the Blackhawk Helicopter. The ingenuity of our engineering and manufacturing processes allows for continual expansion and customization of our product offerings.  In addition, C.R. Daniels, Inc. has an established Dandux ® brand which caters to the material handling needs of a wide variety of industries, as well as Wild Duck® canvas totes and ReadyVote® election equipment.

With sites in both Maryland and Tennessee, we offer exciting opportunities for both new and seasoned professionals.  We hope you consider joining us!  In a competitive and ever-changing marketplace, it is critical to establish and maintain a hard-working and dedicated team.  The professionals we seek must be highly motivated, energetic and customer-oriented. 

Questions about positions or application procedures should be directed to:   employment@crdaniels.com


Explore Employment Opportunities in our Ellicott City Headquarters and manufacturing facility


Explore Employment Opportunities in our Rutledge Tennessee manufacturing facility

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