Skid Boxes

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 Dandux Skid Boxes are a must for any manufacturing, storage, distribution, or over the road operation.  Fork-lift-able, Positive stacking, Non Corrosive.  Extremely cost effective compared to cardboard, plywood, or metal.

Notched bases design provides positive stacking while the exterior leg design creates load bearing columns for heavier load capacity.  Sizes range from 5 to 110 cubic feet, in single and double wall models.  Custom dividers, bases, frames and dollies complete the package.  Excellent for use as a re-usable shipping container.

Double wall models feature smooth interior sides and bottoms.  Ideal when the load requires a flat non-foot printed surface.



Fabric covers / Interior Dividers / Dolly Bases


Poly Shipping Containers


 Dandux Poly Shipping Containers are an extension of our exclusive skid box line.  Manufactured for durability and to withstand the abuse associated with over the road shipping.

Files coming soon.

Pallet Tubs


 more info coming soon