Poly Taper Trucks

Trucks, Liners, Skid Boxes, Pallet Tubs, Totes, Tanks & Specility Items

Dandux Poly Taper Trucks are made of high-quality polyethylene resin and rotationally molded for optimum durability and performance with one seamless and smooth surface.  They are easy to clean or sanitize, when necessary, with hot water and detergents.  Taper Trucks are ideal for a wide variety of uses throughout the hospitality industry, medical facilities, warehouses, and factory and plant use.  There is even a specialized version for food processing needs​. ​

There are two types of Poly Taper Trucks:  a standard version with plywood base on larger sizes; 12-20 bushel; and a heavy duty version with metal base on all sizes.

Hardware attaching the poly body to the base is encapsulated, leaving a smooth metal-free interior surface.  The casters are top quality rubber with thread guards.  There are four caster patterns available from which to choose.

Taper Trucks are available in six decorator colors (red, green, blue, yellow, gray, and natural), with custom colors available with minimum quantities required..  


Bulk Trucks

511400 / 512300 / 512400 / 512500

 The Dandux Poly Bulk Handling Trucks are the most cost effective bulk handling trucks available.    The trucks are used throughout the hospitality industry, medical facilities, libraries, and plant/warehouse operations.  Its wide acceptance comes from its large capacity per unit of floor space and its greater payload per trip than with smaller trucks.  All this results in fewer trips, lower cost per trip, and increased productivity.

The poly truck body, made from high-quality polyethylene resin rotationally molded is highly durable.  The body is a single seamless surface.  The truck comes with bottom drain holes, making it easy to clean and sanitize as needed.

Dandux Poly Bulk Trucks are available in a range of standard colors to match decor or for color coding purposes.  Standard colors are yellow, red, green, blue, gray, and natural.  Custom Colors are available with minimum quantities required. 

Casters are heavy duty 6" quiet rolling, top quality rubber with thread guards.  The truck body is bolted to a rugged, rust resistant full perimeter steel dolly base.  Available in four sizes, so you can have exactly the right fit for your job and materials. ​​

In addition to the basic truck, the Poly Bulk Handling Truck is available with a security closure system.  The system features a split top, a front drop panel and a hasp engaging top and front for padlocking.  Both top and front panel are made of tough, metal-reinforced white plastic.


Shelf Trucks

511401 / 511801 / 512301 / 512401 / 512701

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the Dandux Poly Shelf Truck, specifically designed for double duty!  The unique design permits the truck to be used as a shelf truck or convert the shelves into a fourth wall to create a bulk truck!  Known in the market as the "Round Tripper" or "Turn Around Truck."  

Compared to smaller trucks, the Poly Bulk Shelf Truck gives greater capacity per unit of floor space, and greater payload per trip.  These two benefits, plus double duty add up to a substantial increase in productivity.

Roto-molded from high-quality polyethylene resin, Dandux Poly Bulk Shelf Trucks are rugged, tough, and virtually indestructible.  The smooth, seamless body comes in an array of colors (yellow, red, green, blue, gray and natural) to match your decor or facilitate color-code identification; custom colors are also available with minimum quantities required. It even features drain holes for easy cleaning and sanitation when necessarily. 

The base is constructed of powder coated reinforced tubular steel that provides superior strength, compared to traditional pan or plastic base models.  Four (4) six-inch casters are bolted to welded caster plates, providing added strength and stability.  The caster patterns available are Style 20 and Style 60​. 

In addition to the basic truck, the Poly Bulk Shelf Truck is available with a security closure system. The system includes a split top, two front doors with hasp for padlocking.  Both top and front are made of tough metal-reinforced white plastic.  

The prime benefit of the Dandux Poly Bulk Shelf Truck is its ability to do double duty.  As a shelf truck, you get 2 jumbo spaces for your product.  In less time than it takes to push the truck down the hall, the shelves swing down in front to make a bulk truck with the ability to hold virtually any product! 


Flare Trucks

513400 / 513500

 The Poly Flare Truck is a jumbo, sturdy, easy-to-maneuver vehicle.  It's ideal as a laundry extractor truck, for moving piece goods, dry chemicals, parts, or bulk items.  Two types of Poly Flare Trucks are available:  Heavy duty (Series 51-3400) with metal reinforcement along the girth; or Extra Heavy-Duty (Series 51-3500) with metal reinforcement along the girth and under the lip. Both sizes of Poly Flare Trucks are available in six decorator colors (red, green, yellow, gray, blue, and natural.  Custom colors are available upon request with minimum quantities required.  


White nylon cover with elastic band (Series 40-87) 


Box Trucks

51 1600

Dandux Poly Box Tricks are rectangular in shape, optimizing usable cube space. and making it east to stack boxes, packages, folded linens, towels, and much more.  The truck nests approximately 1/2 of their depth when empty, conserving expensive floor space and reducing shipping costs upon return.

Dandux Poly Box Trucks are r​oto-molded from high-quality polyethylene resin and designed with broad, flat, vertical sides and our unique double wall upper flange that minimizes impact when contacting with walls and doors.  There's no box truck on the market more functional and more durable!

The base can be either powder-coated reinforced tubular steel that provides stability and strength. or economical plywood.   Casters with thread guards are mounted in Pattern 20 or Pattern 60.  Optional Pattern 80 is available upon request (see caster patterns here​).


Poly Elevated Trucks

51 0130P


Dandux Elevated Trucks are perfect for dry cleaning establishments, coin-operated laundries, cut and sew operations, toy factories, retail stores, and wherever aisles are narrow and space limited. Most important, Dandux Elevated Trucks are great work savers; they eliminate bending or stooping to reach contents on the bottom of the truck.  

Our poly elevated truck is made of high quality polyethylene and bolted to a rugged painted metal tubular frame.  The swivel casters are 3" and top-quality rubber. While the standard color is blue, other options include red, green yellow, and gray; perfect for color-coding, identifying, or simply matching décor.

​Elevated Trucks and Baskets are also available in  canvas and glosstex options including smaller sizes


Poly USDA Truck

51 1100

 This special version of the Poly Taper Truck (51-1300) is ideal for food and pharmaceutical processing, with resin and manufacturing techniques accepted by the USDA.

The smooth surface comes with a capped drain to facilitate easy cleaning and sanitizing. The hardware attaching the poly body to the caster plate is fully encapsulated and all corners are rounded.

The USDA Accepted Taper Truck comes in soft white only.  The casters are top quality rubber with thread guards and two caster patterns from which to choose (pattern 20 & 60).  


Step Trucks

51 1500


The Dandux Poly Step Truck is another quality Dandux product with a variety of uses; everything from moving bulk powders to handling a sling full of wet laundry.  The truck is seamless with rounded surfaces making it easy to clean or sanitze with hot water and detergents.  The built-in reinforcement ribs and double wall lip resist bulging under the heaviest loads.

The truck comes with two available caster combinations (style 20 or style 60).  The casters are top-quality rubber with thread guards.  

The step truck is available in six colors (red, green, yellow, gray, blue and natural).  Custom Colors are available upon request with minimum quantities required.


Poly FRAME Truck

51 0072 / 40 0111

 The Dandux Poly Frame Truck is a combination of two basic components; a truck frame and a separate poly liner.  The smooth surfaced liner, which is easy to remove, wash or sanitize, comes in a standard .225" thickness and available in six decorator colors (red, green, yellow, blue, gray, and natural).

​Poly Frame Baskets and Trucks come with top-quality rubber casters with thread guards and are available in four caster patterns.  

Available options

​Two types of platform lifts:  Metal Frame covered with rigid white plastic (51-0127) or white Glosstex Fabric (Series 51-0128)
A rigid ABS plastic lid (excluding 8 bu.) (Series 51-125)
A nylon fabric cover with elastic band (Series 40-87)​