X Duty Fabric Baskets & Trucks


Dandux Extra-Duty Baskets and Trucks is a long-lasting, durable product with features and accessories for every job!  Our extra-duty baskets and trucks are known throughout the industry for both quality and cost-effectiveness. All come standard with high-tensile modified carbon spring steel frames, full bottom plated steel support grid, hardwood runners and wheelboards ( when ordered with casters).  The frame is  electrowelded  for superior rigidity and strength.  

  • Available in 12 sizes  2 thru 24 bu
  • 6 standard stock fabric and colors
  • Optional colors available
  • Optional accessories including clean caps, platform spring lifts, sanitary liners, and full replacement liners.  


Shipping Hampers

 All the features of our Extra Duty Baskets and Trucks but with a lockable hinged top added. 

The quality of workmanship of our fabric hand truck starts with out frame construction.  We use high tensile spring steel electroweld to give additional strength and rigidity.  Selected kiln-dried hardwood runners are attached to the steel frame.  Heavy duty canvas  is added to complete the rugged, cost effective Shipping Hamper.  vailable with or without casters

 Plain white canvas is standard  Optional Glosstex fabrics are also available at a small upcharge. 

6 thru 20 bushel standard.  Custom sizes up to 44 bu available  ​

These high-quality containers are used for sport teams, musical and stage productions, and traveling shows.  Anywhere that secure torage of clothing, drapes or equipment is required..  A Dandux shipping hamper, increases your productivity and makes your operation more efficient.



Elevated Fabric Baskets & Trucks


 Dandux Elevated Fabric Baskets can increase your production by helping eliminate the need for operators to uncomfortably bend, stoop, reach and lift.  Ideal for sewing, embroidering and sorting operations; anywhere your product needs to be handled.  Position this basket next to your machine operators to elevate and keep their piecework off the floor and within easy reach. Multiple sizes are available to fit your product and your operation.


Want to move product between operation?  The Dandux Elevated Fabric Truck is your answer!  All the advantages of the elevated basket but with added maneuverability of easy-rolling all-swivel 3" casters.  Idea for cutting rooms, apparel manufacturing, laundries, mail rooms, small goods warehousing, and order picking operations. Sizes allow access to narrow aisles and keep your product elevated, within easy reach. 

Prefer Plastic bodies?  Dandux Elevated trucks are available with poly bodies. 


Fabric FRAME Baskets & Trucks

Sometime referred to as Hospital Trucks because the liners can be easily removed cleaned or replaced, Dandux Frame Trucks are a combination of two basic components; a heavy duty fabric liner laced to a truck frame.  The liner, with a double row of rust resistant grommets in a reinforced hem, is easily unlaced if laundering or sanitizing is ever needed.  Liners are available in both canvas or Glosstex and are shipped unattached.  Customers can choose from seven colors (blue, blue, yellow, red, white, gray, and green), ideal for color coding and sorting; eight sizes; and four caster patterns​.  Make our frame trucks work for your needs with our optional accessories.  ​

A favorite of the recycling industry ( 40-580 ) and used for years by the USPS ( 40-1046 ) we've supplied more than half a million of these trucks over the years.

Needing a truck that will save your space with easy disassembly and reassembly?  Learn about our Knock Down Series!


Outlift Trucks

I​mprove your efficiency; give your production a lift with Dandux!

The Dandux Outlift Truck gives you all the features of the quality Dandux Frame Truck with the additional ergonoics of a Dandux Glosstex Platform Lift.  Assembled with the lift outside the truck's replaceable liner, this unit literally lowers or raises as contents are added and removed, elimnating the need for operators to uncomfortably bend over and lean into the truck.  Because the lift is outside of the truck, there is no place for small parts or fine fabric to fall under the lift.  


Dandux Outlift Baskets and Trucks give you the quality features you look for and need!

  • ​Electro-welded high tensile, rust-resistant, spring steel frame.
  • Remova​ble/Replaceable lace-on liners in Heavy-duty natural white canvas or eight colors of easy clean glosstex (red, white, blue, yellow, gray, or green, olive, tan)
  • Rust-resistant welded steel bottom support.
  • Hardwood runners and wheelboards
  • Quality composition or rubber casters in your choice of pattern.