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From efficient commercial farms and nurseries to the best looking yard in the neighborhood, our Dandux ​Outdoors line combines design, functionality, and durability to perform time after time in even your toughest jobs! Found in a variety settings-  farms nurseries, and parks to neighborhoods and homes, these products ​are sure to make your time outdoors even more enjoyable. ​​

Units are available in a variety of sizes ensuring you have the right tool for the job without taking up valuable space in your shed, barn, or garage. Optional accessories, including trailer hitches, allow you to pair our products with equipment you already have for an even more efficient operation.                          

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4 Poster Tick Control Deer Feeder

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Barn Feeder Cart

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Livestock Footbath

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Corner Feeder

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Flathauler Nursery Cart

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Dock & Barn Box

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4 Poster Tick Control Deer Feeder

Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses are a major health concern in many parts of the country. For the past 15 years, C.R. Daniels, Inc. has been the manufacturer of the USDA developed, 4-Poster Deer Treatment System. It is the most effective method that deals with tick control in an environment where deer are present.  Deer are the largest host animal for adult ticks. By treating deer, the adult ticks are systematically eliminated preventing future generations of ticks. This system is environmentally friendly without ​​contamination of either water, ground or air.  

The base station is a feeder with a center storage bin surrounded on two sides with a trough. Each trough had two posts, which hold applicator rollers containing Tickicide, a special pesticide blend that is the only one allowed for use in this application by the EPA. Two posts on each side, hence the 4-Poster.                                      ​  

As deer feed on corn, which is gravity fed from the center storage bin into the troughs, their ears and neck rub against the Tickicide doused rollers. As in most animals, the head and neck region is a prime spot for ticks as they are out of reach for the deer. The deer also spread the substance as they groom each other.  Tickicide is safe for the environment, and even if the deer are harvested, the meat is free from the pesticide. Hunters are encouraged to wear gloves during processing and dressing so as not to spread the topical pesticide.  

The 4-Poster's gravity feed is designed to only fill the bottom of the troughs with corn. Thereby, the deeper the deer have so dig for the feed, the more contact is made, resulting in more coverage.  

Tick eradication rates of 90+% have been reached in studies. Optimum rates are reached after 3 years of deployment, as most ticks have a 3-year life cycle.  One 4-Poster System covers at minimum 40 acres and as much as 70-100 acres in certain situations. Everything you need, except the corn, can be purchased through C.R. Daniels.  

Please check your state laws for any restrictions.

For more information, pricing or to purchase, please contact us


4 Poster News Articles

New Haven Counts TIcks

The Village of North Haven this season is working to establish a database to prove the effectiveness of its 4-poster program to kill ticks and reduce the incidence of tick-borne illnesses on the 2.7-square-mile peninsula between Shelter Island and Sag Harbor.


4 cuft

4 cuft

4 cuft


Perfect size for the home gardener.  Lightweight with large 14" spoked wheels make for easy movement and dumping

6 cuft

4 cuft

4 cuft


Ideal for the homeowner with a medium-sized lot.  NO Flat tires are standard.  Optional trailer hitch allows for use with many lawn tractors

8 cuft

4 cuft

8 cuft


Sized for those big chores around the house, farm or yard.   NO Flat tires are standard.  Optional trailer hitch allows it to be pulled by many lawn tractors.  

Dandux Loadumper 

See why - " This ain't your fathers wheelbarrow "

 The ultimate easy dumping stress saving multipurpose cart on the market today

 Loadumpers can be found in lawn and garden centers, nurseries, as well as garages and backyard sheds across the country!  A perfect tool for the landscape professional or enthusiast who wants a high-quality and durable piece of equipment to make their hauling jobs easier.  The Loadumper is revolutionary in its multifunctional design to replace other wheelbarrows and carts!  With no-lift and stress-free haul and easy dumping application, the Loadumper is sure to save you time ​on any job.  The Loadumper is made with a heavy-duty, non-corrosive polyethylene tub; powder-coated, rust-resistant, steel tube chassis; and no flat tires on the 6 and 8  for an extra smooth ride. 

 Available in   4-   6-   and 8-cubic foot models. 

Replacement Parts are available from our STORE ( link here )


Barn / Feed Cart

 An equine feed cart unsurpassed in quality and value.  The extra-large capacity of 18-bushels (22 cubic feet), will hold large volumes of product.  The tub is industrial strength polyethylene that has a convenient molded handle throughout its upper perimeter.  The full-frame made of powder-coated steel gives this cart a solid foundation.  Industrial 8-inch caster pivots in the front, while the two 16-inch Memory Foam Flat Free tires on grease fitted rims provide a smooth and steady ride, without maintenance worries.  An industrial-strength cart for the barn, farm, ranch, and large property environments. 

Product Dimensions: 36" tall, 62" long, 33" wide.
Product Weight: 75 lbs 
Weight Capacity: 900 lbs  


Livestock Footbath

Dairy cattle and other livestock are susceptible to many hoof disorders that left untreated can reduce animals' mobility and well-being and can lead to lameness. Livestock Footbaths, utilized properly, can be an important preventive measure in proper livestock care.   Many see improved hoof health after starting to use a footbath.  The purpose of a footbath is to disinfect and clean the cow’s hooves to prevent hoof lesions. Footbaths help prevent the spread of infectious lesions and harden claw walls to prevent noninfectious lesions. 

Footbaths should be placed on level ground.  Often, cows walk through a separate footbath filled with water before entering the actual footbath solution to remove some of the manure off the hooves and keep the footbath solution clean for a longer time.  Generally, footbaths are located in the return path from the milking parlor.  Maintaining good footing within the footbath to minimize cows slipping is another important consideration.

Footbath solutions should be changed regularly to maintain effectiveness.  If footbaths are not changed regularly, they essentially become “manure baths” rather than footbaths and may actually increase the spread of infectious hoof disorders rather than prevent.  

Consult your veterinarian or local farm service on the proper use and maintenance of the footbath. 

Product Dimensions:  79" long, 39" wide. 6" curb height
Product Weight: 28 lbs 


Flat Hauler Nursery Cart

Likely the best nursery cart available for hauling and displaying flats of plants.  Available with an optional upper rail ideal for larger potted or balled plants.


  • Ergonomic No Lift design - push handle down to move
  • Positive front and rear tilt stops
  • No flat tires never need air.
  • The expanded metal deck won't collect water


Corner Feeder

Corner Feeder  can be easily and quickly installed in the corner of a stall or enclosure using available optional mounting bracket.  Use of bracket keeps all hardware on outside of feeder and also allows feeder to be removed for cleaning. 


  • Seamless molded
  • rounded edges
  • Generous top inner lip
  • Heavy Duty 
  • Long-Lasting

The bracket is powder-coated steel with mounting holes ( attaching hardware not included )

Product Dimensions:  " long, " wide. " curb height
Product Weight:  lbs 


Rain Barrel Cistern

 132 Gallon Capacity Recycled Resin Rain Barrel Cistern

 Easy installation and simple seasonal maintenance are the hallmarks of this 500 litre/132 gallon cistern designed to store runoff from individual residential rooftops for non-potable re-use. 


Cistern features:

  • UV-stabilized MDPE plastic resists fading, warping, and cracks
  •  compact 27" octagonal footprint -- stable and fits tight in urban yards
  • Cistern dimensions: 52" height, 27" diameter, 18 kg weight
  • Two drain ports provide easy access to water and multi-cistern connectability.
  • Enclosed cistern design is animal and child proof
  • Installation and maintenance PDF guide included
  • One-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

BONUS features:

  • Integrated overflow & seasonal diverter -- winter ready by-pass at the turn of a dial, no need to disconnect from downspouts
  • 210 micron Nitex Rainsox filter -- eliminates sediment, & prevents vector access to the cistern
  • Solid brass 3/4" garden-hose threaded ball-valve


Black / Forest Green / Gray / Sandstone Tan

The cistern is manufactured in the USA from recycled PE.resin.   Variations in color density are to be expected.

Dock & Barn Box Box

Premium Dock Box that's just as at home in the marina as is the barn.  Molded from UV resistant Poly for years of use outdoors of inside.   Overlaping lid helps keep inside dry.  Hinged lid won't blow off.  Lockable hasp on front provides secure storage.  

Triangle shape optimizes valuable dock space.  Can be through-bolted to dock for a semi permanent instalation.

Available standard in WHITE but available in color on custom order




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