Dandux Industrial



Our Dandux brand is the backbone of our standard stock products, and our Dandux Division, commonly referred to as our Industrial Division, anchors the foundation of our sales effort.

From our original Coal Bag to our large rotationally molded bulk units our Dandux line of products utilizes all facets of our production capabilities.  Sewn, molded, fabricated, finished our Dandux products use fabric, metal, and plastic alone and in combination to bring you the very best products to satisfy your need.

​Serving many industries, our Dandux line can be found in manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, hospitality, retail, recycling, and home use.   We've often said that "Everything we make Carries, Covers, Protects or Holds" but our product reach extends beyond those few descriptive words.

​The Dandux Division operates out of our Ellicott City, Maryland Headquarters with territory managers across the country to service your needs.  Call or email us us to find out how we can help solve your material handling challenges.

Fabric Baskets & Trucks


 Our original fabric baskets, trucks and shipping hampers.  Made with fabric bodies, welded spring steel frame, plated undercarriage and hardwood runners.  Various sizes and styles.  Multiple uses. 

Poly Units


 Smooth surfaced cost effective rotationally molded high grade resin poly units engineered for superior strength. Many configurations for multiple industrial, institutional  and hospitality uses. 

Tote Boxes


Dandux has a vast range of durable tote boxes available in a variety of styles and sizes. 

Fabric Baskets, Hampers & Trucks

 Dandux offers an extensive line of canvas baskets, hampers, and trucks. Styles include extra duty (sewn on liner), frame trucks (lace on liner), net & bag holder storing system, wood top shipping hampers, extra heavy postal specification trucks, and a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs.  Available in plain white canvas or yellow glosstex, lace on liners available in six optional colors.  ​

These high-quality containers are used in laundries, hospitals, textile mills, garment plants, and through out the hospitality industry.  A Dandux basket, hamper, or truck increases your productivity and makes your operation more efficient.

The quality of workmanship of our fabric hand truck starts with out frame construction.  We use high tensile spring steel electroweld to give additional strength and rigidity.  Selected kiln-dried hardwood runners are attached to the steel frame.  Heavy duty canvas or GLOSSTEX​ fabric ( in six standard stock colors )  is added to complete the rugged, cost effective Dandux basket or truck you demand. 


Extra Duty Baskets & Trucks


 Our original fabric baskets, trucks and shipping hampers.  Made with fabric bodies, welded spring steel frame, plated undercarriage, hardwood runners.  Various sizes and styles.  Multiple uses. 

Elevated Baskets & Trucks


 Same quality features as our Extra Duty basket but elevated to put contents within easy reach.  Perfect for many applications from sewing rooms to laundries to warehouse picking.   

Shipping Hamper


Same quality construction as our Extra Duty Baskets but with the added feature of a lockable hinged Plywood top

Frame Trucks


Heavy duty welded steel frame with a removable replaceable lace on Liner.

Net and Bag Holders


Outlift Trucks


Quality features of a Dandux frame combined with the ergonomic advantage of a spring lift

OpenEnd Flatwork Trucks


Extractor Trucks


Postal Spec Trucks


Recycling Workhorse Truck


All purpose Basket




Replacement Liners


Spring Lifts


Clean Caps


Sanitary Liners


Custom Products


Rotational Poly

Trucks, Liners, Skid Boxes, Pallet Tubs, Totes, Tanks & Specility Items

Dandux offers an extensive line of seamless, smooth surfaced quality rotationally molded poly units.  All are manufactured with high-grade resins.  Each corner is trimmed at a radius rather than an angle.  This is a calculated step by our engineers to yield greater rigidity at a known stress point.  Attention to detail is what you have come to know and expect from Dandux quality products, whether standard catalog items or custom.   

Plastics used in Dandux poly containers and liners comply with Federal flammability regulations 16CFR500.3 and CFR1500.44 as not a flammable solid. Dandux plastic products can be made with FDA accepted resins for food and pharmaceutical uses; most can be made to conform to DOD specifications for static protection.

Innovative design, quality components, engineering know-how; we put in the best so you receive the best in Dandux quality products


Taper Bushel Trucks


Taper Trucks are ideal for a wide variety of uses throughout the hospitality industry, medical facilities, warehouses, and factory and plant use.  There is even a specialized version for food processing needs​. ​

Bulk Trucks


 Dandux Poly Bulk Trucks are available in a range of standard sizes and colors with custom Colors are available .   

Shelf Trucks


Dandux Poly Shelf Trucks are available in a range of standard sizes and colors with custom Colors are available .    

Tilt Trucks


Available in four sizes and three models, the Dandux Industrial Strength Tilt Truck saves time and effort. Ideal for collection and movement of trash,  and much more!

Step Trucks


The Dandux Poly Step Truck is another quality Dandux product with a variety of uses; everything from moving bulk powders to handling a sling full of wet laundry.  

Box Trucks


Quality features of a Dandux frame combined with the ergonomic advantage of a spring lift

Skid Boxes


Poly Tanks


Elevated Poly Trucks


Poly Flare Trucks


USDA Trucks


Dividable Textile Truck


Modular Textile Truck


Poly Frame Truck


Fabric Covers & Clean Caps


Custom Products


Tote Boxes

Vacuum formed and Unifuse Dandux series 50 and 54

 Dandux has a vast range of durable tote boxes.  They are available in a variety of styles and sizes as well as various types of plastic materials, including static-free resin.

Dandux tote boxes are universally used for efficient handling, protection, or storage in receiving, distribution and production areas and automated systems; anywhere a box is needed to make your facility more organized and cost effective. 


Modular Dividable Totes


Dividable Nesting Shelf Boxes


Nesting Totes


Stack & Nest Totes


Unifuse Totes


Custom Totes


Custom Forming