BIG Bulk

51 8101 / 8102 / 8103


 Dandux Utility Bulk Movers are known in the industry as BIG BLUE! These massive trucks are sized and built for king-size movement and storage.  Heavy-duty powder coated tubular steel makes up the frame for these large, one-piece roto-molded bodies.  Six (6) 6-inch casters (Pattern 80) ​​permit these giants to handle large payloads yet remain easy to move. 



Web Fronts / Push Bar / Handlolds / Dust Covers / Card Holders / Wheel Brakes / Swivel Locks


DIVIDABLE Textile Truck

51 6300

 The Dandux Dividable Textile Truck can give you the increased flexibility you've been looking for in your quest for agile manufacturing.  One truck that divides from full; to half; to thirds without tools, without hardware, and without time-consuming change over. ​One truck with the versatility to effectively handle from 8" to 36" fabric, in individual compartments.  Two dividers can be stored inside the truck, making changeover easy and efficient.

By combining the strength and durability of a double upper wall with the efficiency of a single lower wall, this one piece rotationally molded truck provides you with the ability to effectively handle heavy, wet, or dry loads.  The lower center side configuration allows for ease of access.  Sure-track diamond caster pattern is standaed on all units.​ 


MODULAR Textile Truck

51 6300

 Dandux modular textile trucks can give you the increased efficienty you need.  Four completely separate one-piece rotationally molded snag-free compartments keep fabric separated and tangle free.  Side configuration allows for ease of access to the individual compartments. Up to four times the efficiency of using individual trucks.  Modular construction allows these Dandux trucks to be custom fabricated to your manufacturing and space requirements by adding or deleting compartments .