Extractor Trucks

Part Number:  400500 ( frame ) / 400500L ( liner) /  400500P (platform lift)

The Dandux Extractor Truck is an exceptionally long truck originally developed to accept wet linen dropped from a laundry extractor.  It's proven its worth for multiple heavy-duty applications.  

The rust-resistant high-tensile spring steel frame is electrowelded at all critical points.  Plated flat steel frame is electro-welded at all criticial points, inluding cross points, and then bolted to kiln-dried hardwood runners and caster boards.

Liners are available in heavy white canvas or yellow Glosstex and are easily removed for cleaning. Note:  Liners are shipped unattached and are laced onto the frame once recieved.   Lift options are available


Flatwork Trucks

The Dandux Flatwork Trucks are primarily used in laundry operations to feed bulky items such as sheets, linens, and draperies into a flatwork ironer, but is known for meeting.  The units are made standard with a high-tensile elctro-welded spring steel frame with a plated flat steel bottom, with kiln-dried hardwood runners and caster boards.

The four-sided truck is made with yellow Glosstex and reinforced at all critical wear points.  The standard design features two permanently attached fabric handles, a card pocket, a metal platform lift enclosed in Glosstex with eight metal springs mounted inside white canvas sleeves, and swivel casters equipped with thread guards.  Replacement liers and lifts are available.

For an even easier load and unload for products that will sit flat, consider our Open-End Flatwork Truck​


OpenEnd Flatwork Truck

  Similar in design to our popular Flatwork trucks, but feature an open design without the two short walls of the truck.  This creates a 2-wall flat bed truck, perfect for the easy loading and unloading of products that will sit flat.  The design features ​Yellow Glosstex laced to an electro-welded metal frame with a platform left.  The liner is shipped unattached and is easily installed, as well as removed if cleaning is ever needed.  Standard on all Open-End Flatwork Trucks are high-quality all-swivel casters mounted ​to kiln-dried hardwood runners and caster boards. 


Postal Spec Trucks

 Over a million Postal Trucks are in use every day in corporate mail rooms, government agencies, and mail order houses.  C.R. Daniels makes commercial versions of this truck that meets or exceeds the rigid specification of the U.S. Postal Service.  They're also used for order picking and specialized heavy-duty jobs like recycling.

Postal Specification trucks are availale in two sizes:  18 bu (40-1046) and 8 bu (40-1033).  The frame for both trucks is made of high tensile electro-welded spring steel.  The bottom is welded, plated flat steel bolted to kiln-dried hardwood runners and caster boards.  The white canvas liner is reinforced at all wear points; corner seams are riveted for extra strength.  The liner, laced to the frame, is free floating for complete dumping.  Replacement liners are available.  

The 18-bushel  truck has six 4" caster: four swivel, two stationary and shimmed to give .5" tilt for ease of movement over door sills and loading docks.  The 8-bushel has four 3" casters, 2 swivel, 2 stationary in a diamond pattern.  Casters are durable hard rubber composition with thread guards.  

Metal Frame Platform lift enclosed in white canvas with shock cords and S hooks.
Plywood platform lift made to postal specs bolted to outside bottom of canvas liner with shock cords and S-hooks (18 bushel only


All Purpose Round Basket

Part Number:  401075

The Dandux Round All-Purpose Basket is ideal for multiple uses in both industry and the home. The basket is constructed with heavyweight white canvas sewn to a high-tensile spring steel frame.  The well-constructed handles allow for easy transport of even heavy loads. ​Perfect for​ ​​organizing, the sturdy and long-lasting All-Purpose basket is sure to replace cardboard boxes, paper and plastic bags, and other forms of temporary and unreliable storage.


Net & Bag Holder System

Part Number:  408431 / 408426 / 408432-2


Dandux Net and Bag Sorting Systems are the optimum method of sorting the various items and products you carry.  Frequently​ used for packages, mail, returned merchandise, soiled laundry, and linens, but the possibilities are endless.  The "under-counter" 8423 model has application for retail, over-night packaging industry, and dry cleaning operations.

The frame, which supports an optional fabric bag, is constructed of high-tensile spring steel and electro-welded at all critical points, and mounted to hardwood runners.  They are available as stationary units or transportable with casters.  The optional white fabric bag has a reinforced hem, which fits over the spring steel frame.  Tension from the frame keeps the bag in the open position.

The systems come standard as a single bay unit, but have the option of being customized to any number of bays for the jobs you need.